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[Chock/Chill] Revised Timeline

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Registreringsdatum: 19 juli 2010
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InläggPostat: 2010-09-12 15:02    Rubrik: [Chock/Chill] Revised Timeline Svara med citat


Jag har sammanställt en reviderad tidslinje för SAVE. Jag ledsnade på att leta i flera olika källor, och jag ville ha en lista i textformat, så det går lätt att klippa/klistra i den. Och nu när den är "färdig" så tänkte jag att jag lika gärna kunde dela med mig. Smile Den är skriven på engelska, så att även utrikiska skräckrollspelare kan ha nytta av den.

Jag är medveten om att upphovsrätten till materialet fortfarande tillhör Mayfair Games och att det har licencierats av OWC, men OWC verkar inte ha intentionen att göra något av det, och dessutom är Mayfairs framtid oviss, eftersom deras ägare Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) har gått i konkurs.

Jag håller även på att snickra på några äventyr, och kanske hittar styrkan att redigera dem nog för att släppa dem här så småningom. Wink


S.A.V.E Timeline

This version of the SAVE timeline is largely based upon the second edition of Chill, released by Mayfair games in 1990. The original one from 1984 (by Pacesetter) is very similar, but Mayfair did a nice job of editing the text for ease of reading, so I chose their version as a starting point.

I have included translated entries from the Swedish adaption of Chill (named “Chock”) that exist nowhere else, as well as some entries of my own. I have stated which entries do not exist in the original 1984 release of Chill, and from where they come.

- Envoy JJJ

1789: Dr. Alfredo Fernandez Ruiz discovers the Way.
[Entry added by JJJ, 2010.]

1844: Sociates Albae Viae Eternitata (SAVE) founded in Dublin, Ireland by Charles O’Boylan.

1846: Charles O’Boylan killed in Memphis, Egypt by animated mummies.

1855: Two British SAVE envoys attempt to investigate “the Devil’s Footprints” in Devon, but find no answer to the mystery. It is however presumed that the mysterious footprints must have been caused by a creature from the Unknown. [Entry added by JJJ, 2010.]

1868: SAVE expedition to the Pirin Mountains (located in what is now southwestern Bulgaria), headed by Dr Milan Mikovic, is credited with the first successful destruction of a vampire, after immobilizing it by driving a wooden stake through the creature’s heart. The vampire type is listed as Vampirus Macedonius by the doctor, and had been found in surprising numbers in the Balkans.

1870: The Swedish branch of SAVE is instated by a group of scientists, led by Dr Oscar Silfverstierna.
[Entry added by JJJ, 2010.]

1874: Robert Upton drives away a ghostly creature that smothers people in their sleep. This particular spirit had been found only in Huntsville, Alabama. Upton reports that as the creature was banished, those present were lifted off the ground and violently shaken.

1875: Dr. Hans Schmidt and four companions disappear in Lucerne, Switzerland, while searching for a suspected vampire.

1881: Dr Oscar Silfverstierna, Dr Fleming Hartwigssen and Dr Paavo Heikkanen organize an expedition to the mountains on the Swedish-Norwegian border. The intention is to investigate reports about the existence of “the Mountain King” and other mysterious creatures, but the entire expedition disappears.
[Entry added by TAMB Äventyrsspel into the Swedish adaption of Chill, 1985.]

1888: A party of Swedish SAVE envoys, led by captain Nils Edward Sjöström, join with a troupe of mountaineers and private investigators, to try and discern the fate of the lost Silfverstierna expedition of 1881. The expedition gets lost in dense fog on the mountain, and two of its members fall to their death. Captain Sjöström is convinced that the fog (and the deaths it indirectly caused) was created by forces of the Unknown.
[Entry added by JJJ, 2010.]

1889: SAVE member Dr. Alfonso Marinho of Portugal postulates the use of “dead” humans by the Unknown. Marinho explains that his findings are based on recent disturbances in a cemetery in Aveiro, Portugal.

1892: In Llandinam, Wales, 200 coal miners vanish without a trace. Then the entire town is lost in a mass murder so horrible that the news is hidden from the press. Three survivors are locked away in an asylum for blaming the murders on the “dead miners”. The case is officially unsolved, but SAVE is fairly certain that it knows what really happened, after interviewing the three survivors.

1895: Nathaniel Drummond, Dr. Olaf Gunderhagen, and young Michael O’Boylan go in search of the legendary zombie master of the Congo. This adventure is the first expedition of the great-grandson of the founder of SAVE, and forms the first chapter in his book, Devices of the Enemy.

1898: A Swedish engineer and member of SAVE, organises a balloon expedition to the North Pole. The real objective of the expedition is to examine the truth in the tales of the Inuit people, of mysterious and dangerous creatures. The engineer keeps all this a secret, and only talks about the expedition as an attempt to reach the North Pole. The remains of the balloonists are found in 1933.
[Entry added by TAMB Äventyrsspel into the Swedish adaption of Chill, 1985.]

1898: Dr. Olaf Gunderhagen and Mademoiselle Lise Rochateau, after years of researching the ill-fated Schmidt expedition, finally believe that they have located a vampire in one Baron Anton Garnier, who escapes before the pair can prove their findings.

1908: Baltimore Jennings, Mustafa Al-Sharaz, and Michael O’Boylan travel to Memphis, Egypt. The expedition is an emotional one for O’Boylan; a nearly-identical expedition claimed the life of Charles O’Boylan 62 years earlier.

1912: Michael O’Boylan and Benjamin Lewis travel to Fort Nelson, British Columbia, in search of what O’Boylan named the “She-creature”. The mission ends unsuccessfully, although the men escape with their lives.

1916: The Captain of the ship The Californian, reports sightings of apparitions and disembodied cries and screams in the North Atlantic (500 miles south of Newfoundland and 1,600 miles east of New York).
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1922: Michael O’Boylan, Angus McTavish, and Ian Davidson go in search of “Nessie”,the Loch Ness monster. Many things go wrong with this expedition, not the least of which is the company’s inability to prove the creature’s existence.

1930: Luis Agapito Gomez organizes an expedition to Cocos Island. He is the only one to return.

1932: Mansanori Minowara discovers that the Unknown is active in the Far East as well as the Western world. In the first recorded eastern encounter, the Japanese scientist writes of a horrid, rotting body that is roaming the countryside at night, rending victims in half, and drinking their blood.
[Note: in the 1985 Swedish adaption of the game, the name (and gender) of the envoy was changed to Mariko Minowara. - JJJ]

1937: Capt. Douglas Rivers, moved by the untimely death of his close friend Robert Baxter, dedicates his ship for the use of SAVE expeditions. His first such voyage sinks a “pirate ship” in the Indian Ocean. The vessel appears to be adrift, drawing the attention of ships passing by. On board, strange incorporeal creatures kill unsuspecting sailors.

1946: SAVE is unable to prove that creatures of the Unknown are causing the strange native accounts of the Oasis of Dream Death. An unmapped oasis appears and the people who spend the night there reportedly laugh in their sleep, then suddenly scream horribly and die. lady Veronica Smith, a SAVE envoy, can not locate the oasis in question.

1948: Jean Pierre Kumbalha authenticates the Haitian zombie and the proper method of killing the creature with sea salt, a needle, and thread.

1951: SAVE designates the Virlin Caverns (in Southeastern Canada) as a likely focus of exploration because of recent strange sightings that correspond to Evil Way descriptions.

1956: Yeti sightings are common this year in the Himalayas.

1959: SAVE explorers Dr. Jose Sotero Guevara finds a “tribe” of were-jaguars in Chilpancingo, Mexico. He escapes death and returns to tell of the strange tribe. The others who left with Guevara are not so fortunate.

1964: Strange lights appear in the desolate area around Skirmish Hill, Australia.

1967: SAVE establishes contacts in Red China. Although communication is difficult and sporadic, there seems to be much information to exchange with its new members.

1973: SAVE hears of possible Unknown activities on the set of The Exorcist, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1974: SAVE, using the guise of a Severn Collage study, tries to enter the White House in search of “Presidential Ghosts”. U.S. Government denies permission for the study.

1978: SAVE receives reports from the Amazon Basin area, that a tribe of Indians is able to shrink human heads and cause them to attack human victims by biting. This could be a new form of Animation of the Dead.

1978: 917 members of the People’s Church in Guyana die in mass murder suicide. SAVE envoys in South America suggest possible Unknown involvement.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1979: A group of American, Scandinavian and Israeli envoys, led by the Israeli archaeologist dr Adam Barak, head out into the Negev Desert to examine rumours of hauntings by Roman legionnaires. Dr Barak and Dr Andrew Eclair from Severn University escape with their lives only by the use of great cunning.
[Entry added by TAMB Äventyrsspel into the Swedish adaption of Chill, 1985.]

1980: SAVE expedition to the Amazon Basin fails to return. It is thought that the leading explorer Paolo do Nacimento has been lost to the Unknown.

1984: SAVE enters a publishing contract to begin fictionalizing the accounts of their most interesting expeditions, as a way to develop acceptance of its mission, but after two years of preliminary work, the publisher is suddenly and inexplicably driven out of business. SAVE begins search for a new publisher.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1985: In an attempt to avoid the appearance of racism, SAVE changes its name to the “Societas Argenti Viae Eternitata”; the Eternal Society of the Silver Way. SAVE begins transfer of their archives to computer database.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1986 - 1987: SAVE suffers from unprecedented envoy attrition, as 30% of its membership is lost during investigations. Recruitment is at an all time low, as fewer new envoys volunteer to take the place of those lost to the Unknown.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1988: SAVE issues lap top computers to teams of envoys. This allows for more immediate access to archives than ever before.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1988: Robert Davidson finds an Unknown item which, “when unlocked . . . should offer up vast amounts of knowledge.”
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1989: An earthquake in the San Fransisco area results in the death of 15 SAVE envoys.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1989: SAVE Central Archives in Dublin is ravaged by flames. Surviving envoys suspect the Unknown is responsible. During clean-up, secret journals of Charles O’Boylan are discovered, relating the events which lead to the creation of SAVE. Organization of SAVE falls into shambles, and Continental Headquarters try to maintain control, but lack of support hinders their progress.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]

1990: SAVE goes underground, further concealing its presence in society. The Indalo is no longer used; it is replaced by an emblem worn secretly by all SAVE envoys.
[Entry added by Mayfair Games, into the 2nd Edition of Chill, 1990.]
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Toppen! Positive
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Det låter kanon Very Happy

Ser verkligen fram emot några äventyr, så den tanken får du inte överge.

Mvh / Daniel
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